The Hill: Back in spotlight, Roskam won't rule out leadership run

 Rep. Peter Roskam said Thursday he isn’t ruling out another run for leadership, just a year after the Illinois Republican was routed in his race for majority whip.

CNN: Conservative revolt forces GOP to change Iran game plan

House Republican leaders are changing tactics on the Iran nuclear deal after blowback from conservatives.

Jerusalem Post: Republicans will move to stop Iran deal vote clock

House Republicans have agreed on a new strategy to stop the clock on Congress' review period for the Iran nuclear deal.

Daily Caller: Republicans threaten lawsuit over Admin's side deals with Iran

 House Republicans are threatening a lawsuit over the administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Washington Post: Congress will uphold the Iran deal. The question is, how.

Congress returned to Washington on Tuesday, sure in the knowledge that the Iran nuclear deal would hold – if by no other means than through President Obama’s veto of any congressional attempt to scuttle it.  What isn’t yet clear is exactly how the showdown over the controversial international pact to limit Tehran’s nuclear ambitions will play out.

The Hill: GOP rep tries to halt Iran vote over side deals

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) is trying to slow down the imminent House vote this week on the Obama administration's nuclear agreement with Iran over so-called “side deals” that haven’t been publicly released.

Israel TV: Roskam slams dangerous nuclear deal

Israel TV: Roskam slams dangerous nuclear deal

Washington Post: Congress wants Frederick County farmer to get his money back

Lawmakers in both parties are pushing the Treasury Department to give back $30,000 to a Maryland dairy farmer who lost his cash in a controversial seizure more than three years ago.

WSJ Editorial: The Taxman's Politics

The Obama Administration has made a two-year career of dismissing concern about IRS policies targeting conservative tax-exempt groups. That evasion just got harder. New information shows the agency may have shown similar bias in tax audits.

The Hill: GAO says too much bias risk in IRS audit system

The IRS could easily be auditing tax-exempt groups for biased reasons because of flawed procedures and staff work, according to a new report from the top federal watchdog.

Examiner: IRS loopholes may allow targeting scandal to continue

Internal Revenue Service procedures for selecting nonprofit groups to be audited are filled with holes that could allow the tax agency to discriminate against certain organizations, a new report shows.

VIDEO: Is the Obama Admin Using IRS Tax Credit Money for ObamaCare?

Congressman Roskam joins Greta Van Susteren's "On the Record" to discuss the Obama Administration's use of IRS tax refund money for ObamaCare.

Roskam Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: Congress Can Fight the Boycott Israel Movement


POLITICO: DOJ investigating attorneys’ past conduct in forfeitures


The Jerusalem Post: U.S. Congress Marks Israel's Birthday With Action Against E.U. Boycott Efforts


Roskam Daily Herald Op-Ed: New Reforms Will Help Fight Medicare Fraud


Washington Post: Uncle Sam May Have Picked The Wrong Cash Cow


American for Tax Reform: IRS Spends 500,000 Hours Per Year on Union Activities

As Roskam points out, this squandered an estimated $23.5 million in taxpayer funds, all while the IRS pleads poverty and makes excuses for not answering the phone.


The Hill: IRS Funding Pleas Don't 'Pass The Laugh Test,' Republican Says

 “The argument that the IRS lacks the resources to operate efficiently doesn’t pass the laugh test given the misguided judgment demonstrated by an organization that has lost the confidence of the American people,” Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) said in a statement.

The Blaze: The GOP's Six-Point Plan to Protect You From The IRS

 “No government agency, especially one that routinely intrudes on the lives of hardworking taxpayers, should ever be able to ask how you vote or to whom you pray,” Roskam said when he introduced the bill in February. “In light of our new majority in Congress, I am confident we can finally send these commonsense protections to the president’s desk.”

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