Congressman Peter Roskam is fighting to protect taxpayer dollars and reduce the tax burden on Illinois’s families by recently voting for the “Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act.” Disability advocacy groups from across the country, including Equip from Equality of Illinois, have endorsed the bill and applauded the bi-partisan move to better protect those who need assistance in getting access to their Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits. With this bill, those who need access to their benefits will be protected from those who are attempting to take advantage of them and the system.

“Opportunity must be available to all, and disability benefits should be protected for those who need them,” said Representative Peter Roskam. “This issue required working across the aisle to pass legislation to protect the most vulnerable citizens of Illinois, and I’m honored to be a part of the transformation of this program to ensure better protections for those who require access to disability benefits. I will continue to vote to protect our most vulnerable citizens and support our middle-class families in the process.”

To learn more about how Congressman Roskam’s vote will help families in the sixth district of Illinois, read here.