Congressman Peter Roskam cares deeply about the environment. He believes that we have a duty to be good stewards of the Earth, protecting and preserving lands and natural resources for future generations.

One way to fulfill our responsibility is by dedicating more lands to conservation.

As a member of Congress, Peter has pioneered efforts to incentivize individual Americans to donate their lands for conservation purposes.

Private land owners can enter into an agreement, known as a “conservation easement,” with non-profit organizations or land trusts which sets the uses of the land in the future.

Conservation easements hold enormous benefits for the public, making sure many use types — from fishing, to hiking, to farming, to hunting — are available to all Americans for years to come.

The America Gives More Act, cosponsored by Peter and signed into law in 2015, gives individual Americans who donate their lands a significant reduction in their federal income taxes.

Thanks to Congressman Roskam’s advocacy, the United States now has more lands protected by conservation easements than ever before.