For more than a year Sean Casten’s campaign for Congress has centered on just two things, his attacks on Peter Roskam and Casten’s personal wealth, which he claims was derived from his success as a small business “entrepreneur.”

But while Casten has attempted to portray himself as a successful small businessman, he has refused to talk about the fact that he was sued by his own investors for manipulating his company’s books, committing breaches of fiduciary duty and paying his family members inflated salaries and bonuses.

The Roskam for Congress campaign today released an ad that takes square aim at Casten’s underhanded business dealings. A copy of the ad and the script is below.

“Sean Casten has held himself out as a successful businessman, but was sued by his own investors for illegal business activity, breach of fiduciary responsibility and for paying his relatives inflated incomes,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Sean Casten’s attacks on Peter Roskam are designed to hide his checkered past, but voters deserve to know the truth about Sean Casten’s shady self-dealing.”

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What do we know about Sean Casten?

Casten brags about his business credentials.

The Truth: He inherited millions and worked for his family’s business.

Casten was sued for mismanagement.

Accused of breaches of fiduciary duty.

And manipulating the company books.

Paying his family inflated bonuses and salaries.

While Casten propped up the business with unauthorized transfers.

Sean Casten’s just another shady Illinois politician who’d make things worse.