With just six days left before the election, Sean Casten still cannot control his hyperbolic impulses or show any capacity for respectful disagreement—and the name-calling is only getting more ludicrous.

In an article, published on October 29, Casten again chose hyperbole and name-calling over a productive conversation and bipartisan solutions, with no shortage of Casten’s flare for the dramatics.

“The things we need to change [policy-wise] are not moving nearly quickly enough, and my representative [Republican Peter Roskam] is horrible. He’d deny gravity if the Republican Party told him to,” said Sean Casten.

Sean Casten has made big claims about this election being based on values, and we couldn’t agree more. Casten’s values are completely out of step with this district. This latest gaff demonstrates just how desperate he is to try to distract voters using outrageous and foolish rhetoric. It’s not working—the more voters learn about Casten’s propensity for divisive language, the more concerned they are that anyone, especially a candidate for Congress, would speak this way. Watch the video here.

“Sean Casten’s use of derogatory and condescending language makes him unfit to represent this district,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “This country needs leaders who can set aside their differences and work together on our nation’s toughest challenges. There’s enough name-calling in Washington already—this district doesn’t need Sean Casten adding to the noise.”

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