Sean Casten revealed the motive behind his tax hike obsession in a recent podcast interview—where he pushed a socialist political agenda.

In the podcast, the interviewer asked Casten to describe the Sixth District constituency—“who are they and what are they focused on?”

Casten’s answer will surprise Sixth District residents:

“We are best not when we’re 100 percent capitalist or 100 percent socialist but when we recognize that the two work in synergy with each other and that’s who the District is,” said Casten.

This is not the first instance when Casten has promoted socialism in his campaign. Against the interests of constituents, Casten has stuck to his no-tax-left-unraised approach to governing. He openly supports raising the income and gas taxes, creating a new carbon tax, removing the cap on Social Security taxes and even opposes a property tax freeze. In contrast, Peter Roskam fully supports a capitalist government, that incentivizes business and innovation and spurs economic growth—a model proven successful even now, with small business optimism soaring to 45-year record high and unemployment dropping to a 49-year record low.

During at least five events/interviews, Sean Casten idealizes Medicare for all for the country’s future, and even promotes it on his website.”

  • Sean Casten at a 6th District Candidate Forum, March 12, 2018: “If every consumer wants to buy in for something like a Medicare for all, terrific we’ll have single-payer.”
  • Sean Casten at Benedictine University Meet & Greet, May 8, 2018: “Give people an option to buy into that, and every single American buys into that, we’ll have Medicare for all.”
  • Sean Casten at a 6th District Candidate Forum, March 3, 2018: “If people decide that everybody wants Medicare for all, they buy in—terrific!
  • Sean Casten on Max Temkin’s Twitch Stream, July 26, 2018: “I think the best country that looks like what Medicare for all would look like is the British National Health System. And they, without question, spend less per capita than any other industrialized country. So we’d save a lot of money if we went to that.”
  • Sean Casten at the Lincoln Forum Debate, July 21, 2018: “If everyone wants Medicare, you get Medicare for all.”

“Sean Casten may identify himself as a socialist, but a majority of Sixth District residents do not. Residents also don’t share Casten’s enthusiasm for raising taxes on middle-income families and ballooning a massively expensive ‘Medicare for all’ health care program while the country struggles to afford the current Medicare program that we need to help seniors today,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Sean Casten has proven he is not just out of touch with the interests of our constituents, but far outside the norms of even liberal politics with his open embrace of socialism.”

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Casten Tax Hikes

  • In the most recent debate hosted by the Daily Herald Editorial Board, Casten doubled down on removing the cap on payroll taxes.
  • When challenged at a debate hosted by WBBM on raising taxes, Sean Casten refused to deny his intentions to raise taxes.
  • When pressed several times at a second debate hosted by FOX 32 Chicago, Casten again would not deny his intentions to raise taxes.
  • Casten has signaled his support for implementing a carbon tax via his Twitter account, including posts in 2014 and in 2015.
  • When asked during a radio interview with WLS about a plan to raise taxes on gas, Casten said, “…absolutely we should raise the gas tax.”
  • Casten has been one of Madigan’s most consistent supporters for a progressive tax hike and aligned with him on Illinois’ 32-percent state income tax hike.
  • Casten stands with Madigan in opposing a property tax freeze.
  • Casten opposed the Governor’s recent budget because he said it didn’t do enough to raise taxes on Illinois residents.