Casten praises using “any means necessary” to win

The Wall Street Journal shadowed Sean Casten for an event, but stepped into a disturbing, no-holds barred discussion of Casten’s radical role models—known for illegal and unethical political tactics.

When asked to name one leader who most inspires him, Casten chose Dan Savage, a controversial sex columnist, known for violent anti-Republican rhetoric. Casten tells The Wall Street Journal he admires Savage’s “righteous indignation” and “awesome sense of humor,”—specifically praising an act of slander against 2012 Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum as a prime example.

When confronted about his infatuation with Savage during the WTTW debate with Peter Roskam, Casten doubled down again stating, “The person that I embraced, and I will stand [by] to this day, is Dan Savage.”

Who is Dan Savage?

In a stream of consciousness with the WSJ, Casten segued into an “inspiring” story of a radical activist who threatened to blackmail and humiliate Mayor Ed Koch for political action—a story that had Casten in stitches, and the reporter mystified.

Casten summed up the dark interview with a threatening conclusion: The Savages of the world are needed to use “any means necessary” to achieve a political aim. While Casten shares in Savage’s dark humor, they also partake in similar vicious rhetoric and contempt toward the Republican voters who make up a huge swath of residents in the district Casten hopes to represent.

Is Casten emulating his role models?

  • Despite apologizing under pressure, in the WTTW debate, Casten retracted his apology in comparing the President to Osama bin Laden, stating “What I said needed to be said.
  • On Twitter, Casten referred to the entire GOP as “the Pedophile Party” and still hasn’t apologized.
  • During a radio interview, Casten stated “We will beat Roskam like a rented mule.”
  • To a group of supporters, Casten claimed “Peter Roskam makes me violently angry.”
  • During a candidate forum, Casten stated “Nobody should have to use a calculator to answer the question whether it’s good to have Nazis and racists in the White House.”

“Of all the leaders in the world that Casten could have chosen, he most looks up to Dan Savage, someone who has literally said he wishes all Republicans were dead and uses brutally violent rhetoric toward Republican candidates—and let’s not forget his other ‘inspiring’ leader, the activist who blackmailed a mayor,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “These are the people he admires the most, not bipartisan leaders, not an educator or even a scientist. He idolizes individuals that are radical and completely out of step with this district. It’s clear that Sean Casten would make things in Washington a lot worse.”