The only politician who wants to raise more taxes on Illinoisans than Mike Madigan is his political ally Sean Casten. Casten joined the Speaker in opposing a desperately-needed property tax freeze, supports all of his same tax hikes—and sealed their partnership with a joint fundraising agreement.

While Casten paints himself as a political outsider, a new ad released by Roskam for Congress reveals he’s not the outsider he claims to be. Casten—a former registered lobbyist who has worked on Capitol Hill—recently launched a K-Street operation with Mike Madigan and the Illinois Democratic Party. Ripping a page from Madigan’s tax hike playbook, Casten joined Madigan in opposing a property tax freeze; supported Madigan’s state income tax hike; advocated for a carbon tax; and proposed an increase in the gas tax.


Sleazy Illinois politicians Mike Madigan and Sean Casten.

Madigan and Casten are two sides of the same coin.

Madigan supported a state budget that would raise taxes on our families. So did shady Sean Casten.

Madigan opposed the property tax freeze. Casten also opposed it.

Higher gas taxes? Madigan supports those. And you guessed it, Sean Casten supported them too.

Mike Madigan and Sean Casten, shady Illinois politicians who’d make you pay more.

“Influenced by political ally Mike Madigan, Sean Casten is running his race like a shady Chicago politician. The Sixth District is not Chicago, and Sixth District residents aren’t interested in electing another corrupt politician, whose solution to every problem is higher taxes,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Casten’s tax hike agenda will only serve to hurt families and small businesses across our district and force them to spend more of their hard-earned income on taxes.”

Casten Tax Hikes

  • In the most recent debate hosted by the Daily Herald Editorial Board, Casten doubled down on removing the cap on payroll taxes.
  • When challenged at a debate hosted by WBBM on raising taxes, Sean Casten refused to deny his intentions to raise taxes.
  • When pressed several times at a second debate hosted by FOX 32 Chicago, Casten again would not deny his intentions to raise taxes.
  • Casten has signaled his support for implementing a carbon tax via his Twitter account, including posts in 2014 and in 2015.
  • When asked during a radio interview with WLS about a plan to raise taxes on gas, Casten said, “…absolutely we should raise the gas tax.”
  • Casten has been one of Madigan’s most consistent supporters for a progressive tax hike and aligned with him on Illinois’ 32-percent state income tax hike.
  • Casten stands with Madigan in opposing a property tax freeze.
  • Casten opposed the Governor’s recent budget because he said it didn’t do enough to raise taxes on Illinois residents.