In a new digital ad, the Roskam campaign shows community members reacting to Sean Casten’s “Mean Tweets” and his candid opinions about the 6th District. While Casten calls his nasty, divisive rhetoric just “his sense of humor,” few residents are laughing.

During the July Fox 32 debate, host Mike Flannery challenged Casten on his inflammatory statements on Twitter, prompting Casten to remark, “Tweets don’t really matter.” But behind closed doors, Casten tells voters the truth: “I love Twitter.”

Casten’s vicious personal attacks have been the subject of national media attention throughout the campaign. From his comments comparing the President to terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, to stating there are “Nazis and racists in the White House,” to spreading the debunked conspiracy theory that a Republican lawyer displayed white supremacist signals at the Supreme Court hearings and comparing an abortion to a simple gallbladder surgery, Casten has demonstrated over and over just how he’ll behave if elected to Congress.

“If Sean Casten were a movie, kids would need a parent present just to watch. His R-rated, hateful, divisive rhetoric in public remarks and on social media are exactly what 6th District voters find so offensive about our country’s leaders in Washington right now,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Sean Casten fits right in with the political name-callers and Twitter trolls. Peter Roskam has a proven track record of working with state and world leaders to solve problems. That’s the choice before voters.”