Less than a week before Sixth District voters choose who they will send to Congress to represent their values and their priorities, Sean Casten, once again, sees fit to insult half of the district, calling Republicans “uneducated” in a recent podcast.

“You have one political party in the country, which shall remain nameless, that has a vested interest in uneducated voters.

“I mean, Fox News exists to make people stupid.”


Casten has a well-established pattern of belittling the same Republican voters he’s hoping will vote for him, stating that you can’t be a Republican and believe in facts and calling Republican donors “morons.” As his hopes of going to Congress slip away, he reverts to his comfort zone — insulting Republicans. Despite the fact that the Sixth District is one of the most highly educated districts in the nation, Casten still insults the intelligence of roughly half of Sixth District residents.

Casten’s attempts to trick voters into believing he is bipartisan are transparent and dishonest. Instead of engaging in civil and productive discourse to resolve disagreements, Casten consistently resorts to attacking the intelligence and character of anyone who disagrees with him—and residents across the district are just seeing a glimpse of the real Sean Casten.

“Sean Casten is unraveling quicker than the election is approaching. Each new day reveals more offensive and partisan comments,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “He’s lost all self-control in public and interviews—his radical political bias and incivility monopolize the conversations. It’s frightening how many times he’s been recorded disparaging voters and elected officials who disagree with him. Sixth District residents deserve a representative who can work with Republicans and Democrats in Congress like Peter Roskam, not someone who’s first reaction is to insult his way through disagreements.”