Sean Casten’s lack of favorability is costing his party – big. Casten’s flailing campaign has caused the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and House Majority PAC to spend even more money in the Sixth District then they’d hoped, dropping another $500,000 in the last days of the campaign to try and keep Casten from drowning in a sea of his own vitriolic rhetoric.

It seems the Democratic Party relied too much on urging a “blue wave” and not enough on choosing an appropriate candidate—and they’re paying a hefty price. Casten’s string of vicious rhetoric, impulsive behavior and extreme associations have made him a hard sell for the Sixth District, who recognize Peter Roskam as an effective representative, consistently voting to re-elect him.

Unfortunately for his donors, it’s been an exceptionally bad week to be backing Sean Casten.

  • The Chicago Sun-Times and Politifact fact-checked Casten’s claim that Sixth District residents would see a tax hike under the new tax law and rated it “FALSE”—calling into question his honesty and exposing his lack of understanding on economic issues.
  • The Wall Street Journal had an uncomfortable interview with Sean Casten, where he shared his admiration for controversial figures and his appreciation of blackmail, slander and manipulation in order to achieve a political aim. Casten even pledged that he would use “any means necessary” to win this election.
  • After a very public and embarrassing backlash over his comments comparing the President to murderous terrorist leader Osama bin Laden for which he was forced to apologize, Casten rescinded his apology, doubling down and arguing that the comment needed to be said.

Combined with the last-minute rescue effort from the Party and Casten crashing another candidate’s rally in Chicago in order to be pictured with former Vice President Joe Biden, the Casten campaign is really scrambling to boost his image in the eyes of the voters before Election Day.

“Sean Casten is not helping himself or his party when every time he speaks in public or to the press, he reaches a new peak in his vitriol,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “His lack of filter is forcing his top party donors to spend another half a million dollars into Casten’s campaign five days before the election and hope it’s enough to rehabilitate the damage he’s done. However, voters have endured months of Casten’s vicious rhetoric and behavior, and don’t trust him to change in five days.”

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