After months of firing off reckless, salacious tweets and attacking opponents from behind a computer at all hours of the day, Casten recently admitted his campaign team has tried to take away his Twitter privileges—for damage control.

In a recent podcast, Sean Casten confessed his unfiltered and trigger-happy Twitter activity has been a point of contention with his campaign team—who, like voters, wish he’d think twice before he tweets.

“I do all the tweeting. My campaign team is not always happy about that.”


Casten’s Twitter feed is a chronicle of his uncensored, R-rated musings, where he has accused voters of being morons, immoral, Nazis, racists, pedophiles and more. Despite his talk of values, Casten has established himself as a cyberbully, and his tweets don’t sit well with the values of the Sixth District. When residents read Casten’s comments aloud, they couldn’t believe he was a candidate to represent them in Congress. Watch the video here.

“How many people have to tell Casten that his aggressive, divisive commentary is toxic for our public discourse? If he won’t listen to his own campaign team, he’s not going to listen to Sixth District voters—who want an effective, bipartisan representative, not a cyberbully,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Casten’s criticism of the President’s Twitter activity is the height of hypocrisy, considering they share the same love and frequency of tweeting—and bluntness toward their opposition.”