Civility is on the ballot tomorrow, and voters have a defining choice ahead of them—pour gasoline on the fire of the angry, mean-spirited rhetoric consuming Washington these days with Sean Casten, or send top-ranked bipartisan Congressman Peter Roskam back to the House to continue his proven track record of working together to get solutions for our communities.

Casten is the man who said if voters don’t subscribe to his values, then he’s the wrong person to represent them. He’s the one who said he doesn’t work well with others. Voters have gotten to know the real Sean Casten, and they can see that his angry attacks on everyone from local residents to his political opponents aren’t going to get things done for the Sixth District.

Foul-Mouthed and Radical:

Serial Tax Raiser:

  • Casten supports an unlimited payroll tax increase, as he told the Daily Herald Editorial Board.
  • He admitted his plans to raise taxes in the debate with WBBM and Fox32.
  • Casten has tweeted out his support for a whole new tax on carbon.
  • Casten has repeatedly proposed raising the gas tax—his main excuse is because it hasn’t been raised in a while.
  • Casten has been one of Mike Madigan’s most consistent supporters for a progressive income tax hike and aligned with him on Illinois’ 32-percent state income tax hike.
  • Casten stands with Madigan in opposing a property tax freeze.

Unethical and Shady Businessman:

  • Casten’s unethical business dealings landed him neck-deep in legal battles—including allegations of fraud, mismanagement, nepotism and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • According to investigations by Crain’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Tribune, Casten failed as a CEO, arranged for his own family and preferred investors to gain millions in profit—and left his other investors with nothing.
  • His investors have called Casten’s time as CEO the “Reign of Error.”

“This election is not a choice between a Republican and a Democratic candidate. It’s about selecting a candidate who can represent our communities’ best interests without making the nasty, divisive politics in Washington even worse,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Voters need to take Sean Casten at face value—it’s as simple as that. In his own words, Sean Casten will raise your taxes. He will use name-calling and angry rhetoric to demean everyone from local residents to those he disagrees with on policy issues. Peter Roskam was rated the most bipartisan Representative from Illinois and has a proven track record of working effectively to get things done for the Sixth District.”