Durbin condemns ‘coarse language,’ promotes candidates who are ‘careful what they say’

At a Sean Casten Meet & Greet, Senator Dick Durbin gave a speech condemning the use of “coarse language” in government and pushing voters to elect candidates who are “careful what they say.” The topic didn’t exactly fit well, since he was on hand to endorse the candidate who has said, “We need to use some more dirty words” in politics and receives frequent backlash for vicious rhetoric.

Listen to Durbin’s speech here.

Sen. Durbin’s message is, we don’t need any more put downs, name calling, and angry rhetoric in politics. Sean Casten’s public track record of crude language and demeaning those he hopes to represent doesn’t meet Durbin’s standard, and Sixth District voters shouldn’t go for it either. Certainly no one has ever accused Casten of being “careful” with his language—this is the man who compared an abortion to a gallbladder surgery, or the President to murderous terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.)


If Durbin stands by his speech condemning “coarse language” and incivility of candidates, then he will listen to Casten’s scathing remarks made in the district, and denounce Casten’s rhetoric immediately.

“We agree with Sen. Durbin that voters should elect candidates who promote civility, reject divisive rhetoric and think before they speak—but does he believe it himself? If he’s being honest, Sen. Durbin needs to condemn Sean Casten’s behavior attacking thousands of the very people he hopes to represent and glorifying those with a history of violent rhetoric,” said Roskam for Congress Spokesman Veronica Vera. “Or does Sen. Durbin only oppose this kind of behavior when it’s coming from a Republican?”

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