Oversight and Accountability

As Chairman of the Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee, Peter has been leading the fight to reform the IRS and root out the mismanagement and abuse the troubled agency has inflicted upon hardworking taxpayers.

When the IRS got caught abusing its power and unfairly targeting conservatives, Peter led the charge to investigate and hold the guilty parties accountable. When the agency tried to use gift taxes to target and diminish charitable donations to conservative groups, Peter passed a law to stop it – scoring a major legislative victory. He will continue to hold the IRS accountable and make sure these abuses never happen again.

Peter has been a leading voice fighting to change the culture at the IRS. He wrote and passed into law the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which protects taxpayers and their private information from IRS abuse. He forced the IRS to re-train every one of its employees and hang a copy in every one of its facilities. Through his oversight and accountability work, Peter exposed major abuses of power by the IRS. The agency used strong-arm tactics to seize the assets of law-abiding citizens and small businesses. He is now forcing the IRS to repay every dollar they took and is changing the rules so that it can’t happen again.

Peter is also a leader on healthcare issues, using his oversight chairmanship to protect doctors, patients, and taxpayers. Medicare fraud costs hardworking families more than $165 million each day – more than a billion dollars each and every week. Peter authored legislation to apply credit card-style, anti-fraud technology to Medicare payments, receiving support from a wide variety of groups such as the AARP, the National Healthcare Anti-Fraud Association, and Citizens Against Government Waste. This important legislation will help prevent improper payments from being issued in the first place, a better alternative to tracking down stolen funds after the fact. It’s critical we adopt private sector innovations and the latest technologies to make sure Medicare dollars go towards care for our seniors, not fraudsters and identity thieves.