Civil Asset Forfeiture

No matter your political party or background, the government should protect you, not steal from you. Under Congressman Peter Roskam’s leadership, House Democrats and Republicans worked together in a big way to preserve this foundational principle. For years, the IRS has had wide latitude to seize the bank accounts of individual Americans and... Continue Reading >>

Conservation Easements

Congressman Peter Roskam cares deeply about the environment. He believes that we have a duty to be good stewards of the Earth, protecting and preserving lands and natural resources for future generations. One way to fulfill our responsibility is by dedicating more lands to conservation. As a member of Congress, Peter has pioneered efforts to... Continue Reading >>

Roskam Delivers Another Win

Congressman Peter Roskam delivered yet another win last week, welcoming news from the U.S. Treasury Department that Illinois residents who prepaid their 2018 property taxes would be allowed to deduct the payment on their 2017 taxes, contrary to an IRS opinion released in December. Following the passage of federal tax reform late last year, tens... Continue Reading >>

Federal money on way for West Chicago environmental cleanup

In a sign that funding is back on track for the ongoing environmental cleanup of the former Kerr-McGee factory site in West Chicago, the project has received a roughly $17.6 million reimbursement from the federal government. “It’s seems like the logjam has broken,” said Kurt Stimpson, administrator for the West Chicago... Continue Reading >>

Congressman Roskam Protects the Rights of the Disabled by Voting No

Congressman Peter Roskam recently voted against changes to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), because protecting the disabled is more important to him than scoring political points. America’s disabled population, including those living in Illinois’ Sixth District, would lose important protections under the new law, giving them the... Continue Reading >>