ICYMI: Axios names Roskam’s Mean Tweets parody “Ad of the Week”

Axios, an international news source, released their newsletter on Monday naming Roskam’s latest digital ad as the Ad of the Week, which features Sixth-District residents reading and reacting to Sean Casten’s real-life “Mean Tweets.” Casten has spent half of his campaign trolling his Twitter feed, attacking Peter Roskam, Sixth-District residents,... Continue Reading >>

Casten reveals “socialist” political agenda in recent podcast

Sean Casten revealed the motive behind his tax hike obsession in a recent podcast interview—where he pushed a socialist political agenda. In the podcast, the interviewer asked Casten to describe the Sixth District constituency—“who are they and what are they focused on?” Casten’s answer will surprise Sixth District residents: “We are best... Continue Reading >>