Advocate for Great Lakes Restoration

Since its inception in 2010, Peter Roskam has been an ardent supporter of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), a program that protects the world’s largest source of freshwater. The GLRI also has the important task of protecting animals in the region, defending against invasive species, and preventing the growth of toxic algae blooms.... Continue Reading >>

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Late last year, Peter Roskam helped write and pass the largest reform of the federal tax system in a generation, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. At the core of this reform is Peter’s belief that you know best how to spend your hard-earned money — not Washington. Contrary to the misinformation put out by opponents of tax reform, the new law... Continue Reading >>

Committed to Fixing Healthcare

Peter Roskam is committed to fixing our broken health care system and ensuring Americans have access to affordable health insurance that meets their specific needs. An important step toward achieving these goals is to fix the failing Affordable Care Act, which has caused premiums to skyrocket and millions of Americans to lose their health care... Continue Reading >>

Roskam Gets Gun Vote Right, Hultgren Doesn’t

Daily Herald 12/13/2017 It’s not often when Republican Rep. Peter Roskam joins with all the Democrats in the Illinois Congressional delegation and none of his GOP counterparts on a vote. And with it being gun legislation — one strongly supported by the NRA — it’s even more of an outlier. But last week, Roskam, of Wheaton,... Continue Reading >>

Civil Asset Forfeiture

No matter your political party or background, the government should protect you, not steal from you. Under Congressman Peter Roskam’s leadership, House Democrats and Republicans worked together in a big way to preserve this foundational principle. For years, the IRS has had wide latitude to seize the bank accounts of individual Americans and... Continue Reading >>