What Others are Saying About Peter

Peter, his wife Elizabeth, and our team have been greatly encouraged by the words of support he has received throughout the 6th District.

Lend your Voice

If you’d like to lend your voice to Peter’s campaign, email him at peter@roskamforcongress.com or call our office at 630-221-0006 today!

“Although we don’t always agree, I appreciate Congressman Roskam listening to my concerns and ideas regarding the difficulties our nation faces. He takes the time to explain his positions and possible solutions. During this time of “hyper-partisanship” in our nation, he shows a real willingness to hear and understand different sides of the issues. I believe this serves his constituents well. I commend the Congressman for serving the public with thoughtfulness and dignity.”

Carol Davis, Founder and Coordinator, West Suburban Patriots (Illinois Bona Fide Civic Organization)

“We thank Representative Roskam for consistently voting to uphold the fundamentals of faith, family and freedom. Rep. Roskam voted to repeal key parts of Obamacare, protect the unborn, end the forced partnership between taxpayers and Planned Parenthood, and protect state marriage laws before the Supreme Court changed the historic definition of marriage. Family Research Council Action and the hundreds of thousands of families we represent are proud to recognize Representative Roskam for his faithful work. Our hope is that in the next Congress, he will be joined by many more like him.”

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council Action

“What I look for in elected officials are people who share my conservative values, possess a deep-seated love and loyalty for our nation and its freedom, and whose character traits consistently reflect integrity, honesty, ethics, and humility.  As my Congressman, Peter Roskam has consistently fulfilled those expectations.  Even in those rare instances that we may not agree on a particular issue or vote, he is willing to engage in a dialogue to gain better understanding.  Knowing Peter’s commitment to his role in our republic, I feel very fortunate to have him as my Congressman.”

Rick Newton, Coordinator, Tri-County Freedom Coalition

“I was very pleased with Peter Roskam’s leadership in challenging Obama’s Iran deal. He stepped up and we worked together to generate new ideas and slow the rush to a bad deal.”

Congressman Dave Brat, R-VA

Peter Roskam has a good record. He took on the IRS when he did not have to.  Roskam engineered the first victory we have seen in rolling back IRS power.  If there is a single great threat to American liberty, it is that monster that is called the IRS. Tea Party Nation endorses Peter Roskam for reelection.  We hope the voters of Illinois’ 6th Congressional District will return him to Washington so he can keep up the fight against the encroaching tyranny of big government.

Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation

“America is at a crossroads. In these volatile times, we need Peter Roskam in Congress fighting for us. Peter is the real deal who has boldly stood up against massive government overreach and overspending. Peter’s intelligent, conservative leadership reflects our district well in Washington. I am proud of all the great work Peter has accomplished and will continue to do everything I can to support him.”

Dan Duffy, Illinois State Senator

“In these sobering times, I trust Peter Roskam will make the difficult and courageous decisions that are necessary to protect our future and put this country back on the right track.”

Jeanne Ives, Illinois State Representative

“I am glad to have Peter Roskam representing part of Lake County. Peter has the integrity that is very rare in today’s electoral environment. I seek out his advice more than any other member of Congress because he understands law enforcement and he is centered by his values and his decency.”

Mark Curran, Lake County Sheriff

“Residents of the 6th District are lucky to call Peter Roskam one of our own. Peter’s deep local roots and his conservative leadership truly reflects our values in Washington, and make him an ideal representative of our community in Congress. I’m proud to support him.”

Joe Cantore, President, DuPage Forest Preserve Commission

“I support Peter because he is one of the most thoughtful, articulate voices in Washington.”

Bob Grogan, DuPage County Auditor

Peter would also like to thank the following groups for their support of his work to rein in the IRS and put taxpayers’ interests first:

“As President Obama’s seemingly lawless administration again sets its sights on restricting speech, it is more important than ever that we protect the rights of independent speakers. While we will closely monitor and fight the latest attempt by the IRS to regulate political speech, we can also make significant advances to protect speech through legislation. Representative Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) has taken steps to do just that.”

David Bossie, President, Citizens United

“On behalf of 2.7 million activists in all 50 states, I write to applaud you for your leadership in defending free speech protections under the first amendment…Thank you for your leadership on this issue. We look forward to working with you in the future to continue this momentum toward protecting Americans’ Constitutional right to Free speech.”

Brett Wm. Gardner, Americans for Prosperity

“The Nice List: Congressman Peter Roskam (R-Ill), for being a dogged defender of taxpayers against IRS abuse.”

Americans for Tax Reform

“By banning the IRS from taxing gifts to nonprofits, Rep. Roskam’s legislation will ensure that the rights established by the First Amendment are not infringed upon by the federal government. I urge you to support the Fair Treatment for All Donations Act.”

Thomas Schatz, President, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

On behalf of Tea Party Nation, I want to take a moment to thank you for the introduction of HR 1104, the Fair Treatment for All Donations Act…Never again can we allow the IRS or any government agency the ability to abuse its discretion by targeting people based on their politcal beliefs…I want to append a personal note of gratitude for you and your decision to take the lead on this issue. We support you.”

Judson Phillips, Founder, Tea Party Nation