State of the Race

The midterm electoral environment remains challenging for Republicans, but in Illinois’ 6th District, Peter Roskam is positioned to wage a successful campaign for reelection. As the general election campaign begins, here are the facts voters of the 6th district should know.

Peter Roskam is an effective, independent voice for Illinois

Time and again, Roskam has delivered for his constituents. Roskam was a key architect of tax reforms for small business owners that provided a significant tax cut to help them grow their businesses and create jobs, while leveling the playing field so Illinois businesses can compete against foreign competitors.

Voters appreciate Roskam’s legislation to ensure the IRS cannot target taxpayers based on their political or religious beliefs, as well as his bipartisan effort to combat human trafficking by helping pass legislation that puts the perpetrators behind bars and gets victims access to medical care, shelter, and other rehabilitative services

Peter Roskam Wins Tough Races

Peter Roskam first won election to Congress in 2006, scoring the upset of the cycle, by defeating now-Senator Tammy Duckworth. Roskam’s victory was one of the few bright spots for Republicans that cycle. Roskam followed that up in 2008, this time winning by 16 points, even as President Obama carried the district by 13 points.

Roskam has been overwhelmingly reelected ever since, with voters giving him more than 59 percent of the vote, a nearly 20-point victory and a 65,000 vote margin in 2016, winning 55,000 more votes than President Trump.

  • Senator Kirk also carried the 6th in 2016. Despite losing statewide by a margin of 54% to 39%, Mark Kirk defeated now-Senator Tammy Duckworth in the 6th district by more than 21,000 votes.
  • The GOP candidate for state comptroller carried the 6th by more than 57,000 votes in 2016, despite losing statewide by 5 percentage points, 49%-45%.

Peter Roskam is Crushing Fundraising Records

Roskam raised an astonishing $3 million this cycle – his largest fundraising effort ever. In addition, the campaign announced today it has more than $2.4 million cash-on-hand.

By comparison, Sean Casten ended Q1 with less than $200,000 cash on hand and has relied on his own self-funding for nearly fifty percent on the money he has raised to date.

Sean Casten’s Views are Out of Step with 6th District Voters

Voters need to know the facts about Sean Casten’s support for tax increases and a government takeover of health care!

  • It’s important for all 6th district voters to know that, in lockstep with Mike Madigan, Sean Casten opposed the recent property tax freeze in Illinois, and he advocates for a state budget that would increase taxes on Illinois families who are already struggling under overly burdensome state taxes. (Sean Casten, Statement On Governor’s Budget, February 2018)
  • And Sean Casten supports eliminating the Peter Roskam-backed middle-class tax cuts that will save the average family in this district more than $4000, meaning higher taxes for hard working Illinois families. (Sean Casten, “How the GOP Tax Bill Will Hurt IL- 06,” Medium, 2/9/18)
  • Casten even claimed that tax credits are a bad way to encourage investment (Casten For Congress website, Energy & Climate Policy section), but when those very same tax credits financially benefitted his family and his company, he testified before Congress advocating for them. (Sean Casten, “Energy Efficiency: Can Tax Incentives Reduce Consumption?,” Energy, Natural Resources, And Infrastructure Subcommittee Of The Senate Finance Committee, 5/24/07)
  • Seniors should know that Sean Casten supports a government takeover of healthcare that would put bureaucracy between patients and their doctors, require a massive tax hike, and take away existing health care plans currently provided by employers. (Casten For Congress, “My Approach To U.S. Healthcare Reform ,” Accessed 3/28/18)
  • Sean Casten is also a strong supporter of the Iran nuclear deal, which released billions of dollars to Iran that it could use it to fund terrorism, and gave Iran a path to making a nuclear bomb. (Sean Casten, “Israel,” Medium, 2/19/18)
  • On immigration policy, voters need to know Casten supports sanctuary cities, which ban cooperation between local police and federal immigration officials. (“Moving Forward: The Immigration Debate And Chicago’s Experience,” The Chicago Council On Global Affairs, 10/11)