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Peter Roskam proudly represents Illinois’ Sixth District in the United States Congress. He serves as chairman of the Ways & Means Oversight Subcommittee and uses his gavel to rein in executive overreach. He led the investigation into IRS political targeting and passed legislation to reform the troubled agency. Last year, Peter wrote and passed the “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” into law, leading Americans for Tax Reform to call him “a dogged defender of taxpayers against IRS abuse.”

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Casten and Madigan join forces to set up K Street Operation

Madigan puppet Sean Casten pledged his full loyalty to the Illinois Speaker this week by entering into a new joint fundraising agreement with Mike Madigan and the Illinois Democratic Party to set up a K Street operation. Casten for Congress and Mike Madigan joined forces to funnel more funding into the Casten campaign, signing the fundraising... Continue Reading >>